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Welcome To AVSM Global

AVSM GLOBAL is a major technology, engineering, construction, knowledge center, ventures & manufacturing enterprise. Here we address the various needs in key sectors of the industry in 5 different countries worldwide and counting more. we are engaged in core, high impact sectors of the economy and our integrated capabilities are to deliver the best quality of products and services. 

Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure for training, development and implementation.

Well equipped classrooms and work stations

IT infrastructure facilities

Facility management team

And other project related sources available

AVSM Global Group

AVSM Global Knowledge Centres

Aims to train professionals and aspiring candidates to be certified in their domains by diversifying the knowledge streams and their application in different areas. Presently the current centres running in India (Mumbai and Bangalore), Dubai (GCC operations), Oman and Muscat. Aiming to expand in U.K (London) in upcoming years. Have more than 100+ courses in technical and business management streams,

AVSM Global Ventures

Our ventures wing operates closely in developing the commercial real estate and properties in India and enhancing the retail and related business in the same.

AVSM Global Technologies

Our technologies wing consults the different business streams in Dubai and GEC in planning and managing their various resources and help them in implementing the right information technology solutions in different domains of their business. And also support after implementation and test.

AVSM Global Trading

Trading has always been a major business practice in UAE specially in Dubai. Hence AVSM partners with major manufacturer and re-exporters and importers in the nation to trade the same goods within the parts of India and different regions. And also manages the supply chain and logistics activity of the same. And sometimes for the third party clients as well.

AVSM Global Manufacturing

At our ventures and manufacturing enterprises we have custom made various types of lifestyle, household, consumable and utility products which are widely used in the groups and regions. AVSM has set up farms in different locations to cultivate and harvest various natural products which are further processed to produce various finish products.

Our Vision

Making Remarkable Contribution by Disseminating Knowledge and Imparting Training on Emerging Trends in Business Management and Technology through various Domains to Excel both at National and International level.

Our Mission

To Encourage Knowledge Acquisition and Foster Research and Innovation. To Prepare Students for Immediate Employment, which leads to Technological and Socio-Economical Growth. To Provide Lifelong Learning for a Long Productive Career

Our Values

We believe firmly in Politeness, Responsibility, Respect, Courtesy and Good Manners.